When was the last time you personally said "Thank You" to everyone of your Customers?

“Every month, my personal
videos are watched by over
4,000 customers. . .
They know I care. . .
They know I’m involved. . .
They know how important
they are to me”

John Widiger
Managing Partner
Springfield Nissan and Springfield KIA

Real Results. . . You can count on!

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Million Videos Delivered to Personal Mobile Phones.

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Video Message Opened Within 6 Minutes.

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Watch Each Video to the End.

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Responded to the Videos Call to Action.


Million Unique Customer Engagements.

Unsold Follow-up Video

The value proposition every buyer wants to hear!

Jamie J. BDC Director – “Customer response is up over 300% with this one video.”
Tim G. Sales – “The unsold follow-up video has tripled my sales. . . Post Covid, in the RV business.”
Bryan L. GSM – “35 – 40 extra deals per month from customers that just won’t engage with a call, text, or email.”
Jack P. GM – “We have been using TYV for 6 years and now after Covid, the only thing shoppers respond to is my video.”

Service to Showroom Video

All you need to do is give them a reason to trade!

Johnnie A. Principle – “We average 18 service conversions per month. . . every month.”
Ken P. GSM – “Our service customers love us and this Video makes them love us even more.”
Mary S. BDC  – “The offer in this service video is so compelling, it’s hard to say no.”
Kim J. BDC Manager – “I’ve been a BDC manager for over 11 years and I have never seen anything like it. This service video makes the offer real.”

Appointment Set Video

No one misses an appointment with the Owner

Jeffrey M. BDC Director – “Our Appointment Show Rate is 93%… pre and post Covid”
Danny D. Sales Manager – “The best appointment producer I have used in 21 years. It’s that easy!”
Mitch P. GM – “Our Appointments always show up and many travel hundreds of miles just to visit our Dealership. Having the directions button really makes it easy.”
Kim J. BDC Manager – “Our General Manager is in all the videos, so setting appointments to meet the boss works every time.”

Customer Satisfaction Video

Now you can make it Personal!

John W. Managing Partner – “My Personal Video is watched by over 40,000 sales and service customers every year. Two words that mean so much. . . Thank You!”
Scott C. Dealer/Owner – “I have built my business on repeat and referral customers. In a small town the words, Thank You. . . go a long way”.
Jeff S. GM – “Running 3 Harley stores made it impossible for me to meet everyone. Today, every customer who leaves our stores, both sales and service, gets my Thank You Video.”
Tony G. Restaurant Owner – “I sell over 800 Pizza’s a week, and every customer gets my Thank You Video. . . with a special offer.”

A Dealers Experience

Johnnie Andrawos
Jay Wolfe Toyota
of West County

"After using Thank You Video for four years, I now have a mobile phone data-base of over 18,000 customers, I can market to. . . This is easy to use and the most cost-effective communication tool I have ever seen in my 30 years in the business."

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