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We Guarantee Results or You Pay Nothing!

Mobile Interactive Video Messaging

Automotive Pricing

“Using TYV we have averaged a 77% show rate for over 44 months"

Jamie Jacobs
BDC Director
Youngblood Auto Group
Nissan, KIA,
Springfield Superstore

We will fix your BDC or you PAY NOTHING!

The design of In-house and outsourced BDC’s, is a blended environment of inbound and outbound activities driven by the need for more revenue in order to justify their purpose. BDC agents are trained and managed based on the number of attempts, contacts, appointments, and show ratios. And there lies the problem; Old school training in a cell phone world.

Successfully engaging a customer’s cell phone is not based on the number of attempts. Today’s cell phone users wants to know three things before engaging:

  1. Who’s contacting me?
  2. Why are you contacting me?
  3. What do you want from me?

Do this correctly and you will increase appointments, show rates, and sales! Guaranteed or you pay nothing!

Dealers Have A Choice

We will modernize your In-house BDC… With our Mobile Engagement Videos your BDC agents will enjoy relevant and meaningful customer engagements with measurable results.

No more endless phone calls, voice message, emails, and text messages with an emoji. No more on-site training programs with 186 scripts to use. No more agent burn-out and high turnover.

Danny Del Bosque “TYV has added 12-14 extra deals each month, for over 2 years”

Dealers can opt-in to the Thank You Video BDC

We offer a bi-lingual, 24/7, 365 day Customer Relations Center, located in Tucson
AZ. Using our exclusive customer engagement solution, your management team will
appreciate our seamless integration between Dealership activities, customer
engagements, and response management.

Nobody does BDC like we do . . . Nobody!

Your Customer's Perception is Reality

The TYV Group Asked Over 28,000
New Automotive, Motorcycle, and RV Buyers . . .

Q1: How important would it be to meet the Owner/General Manager of a Dealership the next time you are in the market for a vehicle?
A: Over 90% responded “Most important”.
Q2: Would meeting the Owner/GM influence your buying decision?
A: Over 95% responded “Most definitely”.

We used to talk to each other

We feel the power of Video

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We’ve combined the art of communication with the science of technology to create the most powerful Mobile Interactive Video Messaging Platform available today. Meaningful customer engagement is paramount when selling a premium valued negotiable item. And that’s what Thank You Video does best! Our commitment is to make one Dealer, the most successful Dealer in the community they serve. We understand this success will be measured by the Dealers bottom line, that’s why we Guarantee our Results or you pay Nothing!

TYV Group Asked Over 5,000
Automotive, Motorcycle, and RV Buyers..

Q.What are the top five reasons you decided to buy?

  • Make and Model
  • Dealership Reputation
  • Dealership Location
  • Selection
  • Price and Payments Options

In life we all meet people with amazing talents. Sometimes it’s through business and sometimes it’s through friendships. But, every so often amazingly talented people come together and create something great . . . Thank You Video


We create Video messages by combining relevant value propositions with engaging content. We deliver this Video message through our proprietary Consumer Mobile Platform.

Our Promise

We believe in partnering with only one Dealer in a community, and we will never engage with a competing Dealership. We promise to make you the most successful and relevant Dealer in the community you serve.

Dealer Exclusivity One Dealer in One Community!

The team behind the scenes

Mike Moran


John Moran


Edward Martin


Dave DeGraf


Jeff Wood


Dan Deus


Jay Omanson


Tim Walter


We are Video Messaging Experts

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