In life we all meet people with amazing talents. Sometimes it’s
through business and sometimes it’s through friendships. But,
every so often amazingly talented people come together and create
something great . . . Thank You Video


We create Video messages by combining relevant value propositions with engaging content. We deliver this Video message through our proprietary Consumer Mobile Platform.

Our Promise

We believe in  partnering with only one Dealer in a community, and we  will never engage with a competing Dealership. We promise to make you the most successful and relevant Dealer in the community you serve.

Dealer Exclusivity One Dealer in One Community!

The team behind the scenes

Mike Moran


After graduating college in Food Service and Hospitality Management, Mike headed for
the car business and in 1981 started selling new Chevrolets. He quickly moved into management and took a job running the Chevy dealership for Mr. Larry Faul. Within a year,
Mike and his new team moved Faul Chevrolet’s Chicago Zone ranking from 38th up to
Number 3. Mike personally engaged with customers, listening to their comments and
made significant changes that created a fun and exciting customer experience. In the
mid 90’s, Mike left the Dealership and created a CRM integrated with a BDC. In 1999 he
launched Auto-e-Direct Inc. and for the next several years Mike would modify his
CRM/BDC model to include marketing applications. In 2008, Mike launched The Selmor
Group LLC. and Selmor on Demand Inc., offering Dealer’s and business owners a CRM/BDC tool integrated with E-mail and Direct Mail marketing. Mike and his business partner
and son John, identified the need to incorporate Video with their offerings. Then it happened, in 2013 they designed and built the first Mobile Interactive Video messaging
platform and Thank You Video was born.

John Moran


Born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. In 2005, John was VP of The
Selmor Group, LLC. This company specialized in generating repeat and referral business
primarily in the private Automotive sector. Mr. Moran’s contributing role was in B2B sales
and training & implementation of industry best practices for small to medium communi- cation centers which provide the main service to his clients. In 2008, After great success
with The Selmor Group, John became VP of Selmor On Demand, INC. Selmor On
Demand, was a next-generation automotive sales & consulting company utilizing E-Mail
Marketing, Direct Mail Events, PURL’s, Staffed Events and saturation marketing. A few of
Mr. Moran’s clients included Ford, BMW, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and MINI. The contributing
factor to this success came from the continued growth and development of hundreds of
scripts utilizing keywords and phrases that motivate consumers to take action to gener- ate appointments and commitments. In 2012, Mr. Moran created his own company
which developed a mobile interactive video Platform. This new and exciting application
provides an interactive mobile video marketing tool that communicated relevant and
personalized videos from small to medium business owners directly to their customer’s
mobile phone. The TYV Group App not only helped to generate new, repeat and referral
business for their clients but also helped solve the miscommunication that arises in
many sales transactions. As Managing Member, Mr. Moran brings great talents in IP de- velopment, user interface, and client relations

Edward Martin


With over 35 years of experience in marketing communications, Edward Martin is President and founder of Eclipse Marketing Communications, Inc. Ed utilizes his background
in fine arts and his extensive marketing experience to create vertically integrated marketing and training programs for the firm’s diverse range of clients. Specializing in
Healthcare, Education, High Technology, and the Industrial markets.
Previously to founding his own firm, Ed worked as both creative director and Executive
Vice President in the advertising industry, creating hundreds of programs for a variety of
clients. He provided marketing and creative direction for their full range of products and
services. Assuring that each client had a consistent message and it was carried through
all media. In the Healthcare market clients such as Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Hollister Inc., and McKesson. In the Educational market, Scott Foresman Publishing Company,, and National Louis University. In the High Technology market, Hitachi Amer- ica, Ltd., Zenith Electronics, U.S. Robotics, Omron Electronic Components, and LoDan
Electronics. Plus, a variety of Industrial accounts such as FMC Corporation, Klein Tools,
and Unocal. Ed also served as a Vice President of a Chicago-area publishing Company.
Ed is a Member and VP of the TYV Group LLC.

David DeGraf


After completing his degree in Business Management, Dave along with his father and
brother opened an Auto Care Center, which they owned and operated for eleven years.
Upon selling their business, Dave entered the automotive industry and quickly moved
from sales to management. Dave served as Moran’s GM, for many years, where they cre- ated a customer outcome-based management program. This program was the core of
many successful ventures. Later, Dave owned and operating a pre-owned sales and ser- vice dealership in West Chicago, IL. In the late 90’s Dave was recruited for the position of
Regional VP of Enrollment for National Lewis University’s where he increased Student
enrollment by 85%.
In 2001, Moran recruited Dave to be his V.P. of Auto eDirect. A CRM/BDC company serv- ing automotive Dealer across the country.
In 2007, Dave and his family moved to Northwest Arkansas. Where Dave applied his ex- periences as a consultant and project manager in the construction industry. His philoso- phy has always been customer satisfaction is rst and foremost to creating and growing
a successful business.
Dave is a Member and VP of the TYV GROUP LLC.

Jeff Wood


Jeff has over 25 years experience in the customer relations, BDC and call center business.
His family started their call center in 1980, and to this day they provide the best in quali- ty of services available in the US. Their 24/7 bilingual customer care center has handled
millions of calls for many industries including; Automotive, Motorcycle, RV, Real Estate,
Medical, Education and many more. Jeff’s teams are setting new standards with their
comprehensive employee training and daily customer satisfaction monitoring. There are
many companies that offer similar services, but very few can deliver. Jeff is a member
and VP of the TYV Group LLC.

Dan Deus


Dan and his family live in the beautiful state of Florida, where they spend most of their
free time at the beach and boating. Dan started his career in the car business in 1991.
First in sales, then he worked his way up to senior management. In 2005, Dan took the
job as Regional Sale Manager for a nationally known company, Barnone. Barnone was
one of the largest Direct Mail, TV, Internet, Marketing, and Advertising companies, servicing the Auto industry. In 2008 Dan was offered a position as National sales manager
for Hill marketing. In 2012, Dan left Hill and engaged in a marketing contract with G&A
Marketing. Dan noticed when talking with his Dealers, a real need for more creative and
innovating ways for Dealers to communicate with their customers. In 2014, Dan was in- troduced to the TYV Group and their Mobile Interactive Video program. It was at that
moment Dan knew this was the product many Dealers were looking for. Today, Dan
Deus is a Member and VP of the TYV Group LLC

Jay Omanson


Jay brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and top performance in working with
dealerships over the past 25 years. He has worked 16 years with Ford Motor Company
holding numerous field positions and regional management positions. He has started
two businesses, one which was an automotive parts delivery and logistics company located in the mid-west. For the past six years, he has been using his automotive and business insight to help dealers with marketing solutions to improve their customer satisfaction, owner loyalty and retention, conquest sales, market penetration, and branding. For
the past 3 years, he was the top-selling Business Development Manager.
Jay specializes in process improvement for all aspects of the dealership. From the parts
department to new car sales and everything in-between. Jay believes that every aspect
of the dealership affects the customer experience. He has worked with brands that include Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW/MINI, Ford, GM, Honda, KIA, and Mercedes-Benz.
Jay brings a deep understanding of the automotive industry, dealership variable and
fixed operations, and a proven track record of high achievement. He currently lives in
Denver Colorado. Jay is a Member and VP of the TYV Group LLC.


Tim Walter


Growing up in the Midwest, Tim appreciates good honest work and values time with his family. Tim has a rich past with sales, marketing, training, and development. His experience includes; finance, insurance, automotive aftermarket services, internet marketing, and executive coaching. Tim works with some of the finest Dealers in the country and he always puts their interests first. Tim serves as our V.P. of the TYV Insurance division, and member of the TYV Group


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