"The Good" and "The Bad"

The Good

Dealer Marketing

TV, Radio,
Newspaper, Direct
Mail, Local

Customer Engagement

Phone Calls,
Postcards, Letters

Dealer Marketing

TV, Radio, Newspaper,
Direct Mail, Internet,
Websites, Third Party
Lead Providers

Customer Engagement

Phone Calls, Email,
and Text, In-House Or
Out-Sourced BDC’s
and CRM’s

Dealer Marketing

TV, Radio,
Newspaper, Direct
Mail, Websites, Third
Party Lead Providers,
Search, Social, Viral,
Drip, Content, PPC,
Digital Marketing
Agency. . . etc.

Customer Engagement

Right side: Phone
Calls, Email, Text,
In-house BDC
Out-Sourced BDC,
CRM’s, Auto
Response, Auto Dial,
Sales Process
Automation’s AI,
Re-marketing… etc.

The Bad

Automated Unsold Customer Follow-up in 2024

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

Ralph J. BDC Manager – “I’ve been a BDC champion for 9 years and I have never had customers respond to anything like this before. Since Covid ended, calling, texting, and emailing customers just doesn’t work anymore. These videos have saved my job. . . And that’s my statement!”
Bill K. GSM – “We tried other Video programs, but sending a video attached to an email just didn’t work for us. I have been using TYV for 2 years now and our customer response is better than anything we’ve used before. . . I think it works because everyone has a mobile phone and we all love watching videos.”
Mary C. BDC Manager – “Over the years, I have learned that more attempts and creative scripts don’t work. Today’s shopper wants more. So, we send them the TYV videos of our GM. In the video, she explains everything, she sets the expectations, and she is really good at it. All we have to do is follow her lead.”

The TYV Group Asked Over 28,000 New Automotive, Motorcycle, and RV Buyers . . .