We've done the research . . . identified the
trends . . . and this changes everything!
It's all about Customer Engagement

Your Customer's Perception is Reality

The TYV Group Asked Over 28,000
New Automotive, Motorcycle, and RV Buyers . . .

Technologies Influence
and the Consumer Buying Timeline

Dealer Marketing

TV, Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail, Local Sponsorships.

Dealer Unsold Follow-up

Phone Calls, Postcards, Letters.

Dealer Marketing

TV, Radio,
Direct Mail, Internet,
Websites, Third Party
Lead Providers

Dealer Unsold Follow-up

Phone Calls, Email,
In-House Or
Out-Sourced BDC’s
and CRM’s

Dealer Marketing

TV, Radio,
Newspaper, Direct
Mail, Banner Ads,
Websites, Third Party
Lead Providers,
SEO, Digital
Marketing, PPC,
Social Media Post,
Dealer Rating &
Rankings, and
more . . .

Dealer Unsold Follow-up

Phone Calls, Email,
Text, In-House and
Out-Sourced BDC’s
and CRM’s, Auto
Response Triggers,
Third Party Sales
Automation’s, Digital
Programs, AI, and
more . . .

The Typical Shopping Experience in 2020!

Pre Dealership Visit: 90% of all shoppers are offered 64 digital marketing engagements, before they visit their first Dealership.

Dealership Visit: 30% closed in 3 days

Post Dealership Visit: 70% who do not buy, will have a minimum of 48 follow-up attempts: voice messages, emails, and Opt-in text messages with an Emoji. And most of these attempts will be automated.

TYV Group Asked Over 5,000 Automotive, Motorcycle, and RV Buyers..

Q: What are the top five reasons you decided to buy?

  • Make and Model
  • Dealership Reputation
  • Dealership Location
  • Selection
  • Price and Payments Options


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