We know who we work for. . . It's you, the owners of a company. The ones who have skin in the game. The ones who work harder and smarter than the competition. The ones who lead by example and make things happen. "Real Champions. . . we know who you are, because we are you.


1. Video Production

You can shoot your videos.ORWe'll produce them for you.

2. Sending out your Videos

You can send out your videos.ORWe'll send them out for you.

3. Customer Response Management

You can manage the customer responses.


We'll Manage them for you.

EITHER WAY. . . We'll Make It Work For You

Terry C . GM – “They came out to my store and shot my videos on a Tuesday and by Thursday we were sending out videos. . . It’s really that fast and easy.
Larry K. BDC Director – “The First video we sent out was the unsold follow-up video and it worked the same day. It’s my opinion. . . when a shopper watches a personal video from the owner of our Dealership, they believe the deal is real.”
Phil C. GSM – “”My statement is simple, It’s video. . . It’s mobile. . . It’s easy to use. . . and our customers love it.”

6 Million Videos Sent

99% Open Rate

94% Watch Rate

74% Response Rate

18 Million Customer Engagements